Along with Ben Street I founded and developed the Sluice art fair. The fair runs biennially during London's Frieze week - and was created to showcase small artist/curator run gallery/project spaces. In 2013 Charlie Levine came on board in the role of associate curator. The original fair has since broadened into Sluice__; an overarching platform that delivers various events and projects.


The Reside Residency is inspired in equal parts by the notions contained within Xavier de Maistre's 'Voyage around my Room' and my inability to find a suitable residency for an individual with familial and professional responsibilities. What makes it fundmentally different from other residences is that it's undertaken wherever you are.


Morph Plinth is a fourteen centimeter tall plinth which functions as a micro exhibition platform. It exists as an examination of the decentering of artworld networks facilitated by social media. It's run by Ted Haddon, Mark Jackson and myself.